You’re Okay, Sheila

  Sheila concludes that her life is over after her best friend also her crush proposes to his girlfriend. In order to move on, her friend and co-worker, Hanna convinces her go for the 5 day wedding week of Sheila’s cousin, Nadine, who was marrying a billionaire’s son in Cape Verde. The proceeding 5 days … Continue reading You’re Okay, Sheila


Falling or Failing?

I feel like i'm failing. Writing has been a passion i have felt since i was a child. My dad encouraged me to write all the time, but i paid him no heed until i discovered blogging. I now write but he doesn't know that I write and i am surprised because the people all … Continue reading Falling or Failing?

Summer 2015: The Luray Caverns

Last Thursday, my family(which consisted of my aunt Ophelia, my twin cousins, Daniel and Michelle, and a family friend, Kofi) and I went on a trip to the Luray Caverns in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. We had seen the commercial over and over again on the television and it looked awesome. It was a prelude to … Continue reading Summer 2015: The Luray Caverns

A Dialogue Between a Knife and a Tomato

I recently found a fun, fun prompt on Wattpad that has really whet my appetite for writing. So here's my shot! It's 8:32 am. Kali has her tomatoes, onions, eggs and spices out on her kitchen counter, ready to make a delicious omelette. As she sets out her chopping board on the counter, Her phone … Continue reading A Dialogue Between a Knife and a Tomato


On this note, I cite "Trouble Maker, by Olly Murs ft. Flo Rida as my reference Lately, I've been involved in student politics. No No no, I'm not a politicians. I'm not even a fan of national politics. I didn't mean to be involved I politics (breaks down crying). Matter of fact, I don't even … Continue reading Trouble